News on Trans-Pacific FTA and A2M in Malaysia

March 27, 2015 - amfAR: The High Cost of Free Trade for People Living with HIV in the Asia-Pacific

July 28, 2013 - The Star Online: It is still a bitter pill to swallow. (links to

July 24, 2013 -
Free Malaysia Today: Musa: ‘Engage all stakeholders in TPPA talks’ (links to

July 24, 2013 - Free Malaysia Today: Musa: Study TPPA, don’t rush into it (links to

July 20, 2013 -
The Malay Mail Online: Cops detain 14 activists in Kota Kinabalu TPPA protest round-up (links to

July 17, 2013 -
The Star Online: Discord over 'secret' talks (links to

July 17, 2013 -
Ministry of International Trade and Industry: Malaysia Yet To Decide On TPPA - Mustapa (links to

July 3, 2013 -
MSF Access Campaign: Trans-Pacific trade deal threatens access to affordable medicines (links to

July 3, 2013 -
The Washington Post: Activists warn Pacific trade pact will have chilling effect on access to affordable medicine (links to

July 16, 2013 - The Malaysian Insider: No compromise on Malaysia's sovereignty in TPPA, says ministry (links to

July 16, 2013
- The Star Online: Parliament: No TPPA if it is against national interest, assures Mustapa Mohamed (links to

July 16, 2013 -
Free Malaysia Today: TPPA: 200 rally against "colonisation" (links to

July 15, 2013 - Parliament protest: 'Pro-US TPPA must be debated in parliament (links to

July 15, 2013 -
MSF Access Campaign: Trans-Pacific trade agreement could choke off patient access to affordable generic medicines (links to

July 12, 2013 - New Straits Time: TPP will be another bad pact (links to

July 11, 2013 -
The Malaysian Insider: MTEM opposes TPPA over increased business competition, higher drug prices (links to

July 11, 2013 -
Eurasia Review: TPPA: A Reply To MITI – OpEd (links to

July 10, 2013 - The Malaysian Insider: Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement will see medicine price hike, MP warns (links to

July 3, 2013 - MSF Access Campaign: Trans-Pacific trade deal threatens access to affordable medicines (links to

July 3, 2013 -
The Washington Post: Activists warn Pacific trade pact will have chilling effect on access to affordable medicine (links to

July 1, 2013 - The Star: TPP affecting health policies? (links to

June 14, 2013
 - Malaysia Chronicle: Malay Group Walks Out: Trade ministry goes quiet on Najib's trade deal (links to

May 14, 2013- Citizen infonet: Malay business council warns of 'economic tsunami' (links to

May 14, 2013- Malay Economic Action Countil (MTEM) Statement: MTEM Demands Government to Withdraw from Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) Negotiations

March 13, 2013-The Manila Times: Pharma battle threatens to delay Pacific trade pact (links to

February 12, 2013- Malaysian Health Law Debates: Government Trade Policy Shift: What has Changed? (links to

September 13, 2012-Malaysians Must Know the Truth: Malaysia & TPP Agreement (links to

September 13, 2012-Asia Times: Malaysia risks takeover (links to

September 12, 2012-Free Malaysia Today: TPP: America's hidden agenda (links to

August 14, 2012-Zeropaid: Malaysia Rejecting TPP as Agreement Causes Political Turmoil in Australia (links to

August 9, 2012-Techdirt: Malaysian Government Backing Away from TPP Support: Worried About Locking Up Medicine (links to

August 8, 2012-Business Week: AIDS Sufferers Seen Hurt in Pacific Trade Pact Limits (links to

August 7, 2012-
Pharmalot: Malaysia Objects to Patent Terms in Trade Deal (links to

August 6, 2012-
The Sun Daily: Malaysia says no to TPP (links to

August 4, 2012
-The Sun Daily: NGOs concerned over medical issues related to TPP (links to

June 26, 2012-FMT News: Don't Surrender Power to Big Firms, Putrajaya Told (links to FMT News)

June 26, 2012-MalaysiaKini: Trade Pact May Increase Cost of Medicine (links to 1Christians Malaysia)

March 1, 2012-The Malaysian Insider: The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA): Effects on tobacco regulation and health (links to

February 10, 2012
-NHK World: Malaysia: Opposing the TPP (link to
(A2M at 2:00)

February 8, 2012: Malaysia's Human Rights Commission mulling investigation into human rights impact of FTAs (link to

December 8, 2011
: Free Malaysia Today: "FTA signals death knell for AIDS patients" (link to

December 7, 2011: PC Press Release: Trans-Pacific Trade Talks in Malaysia Underscore Secrecy of Negotiations, Problems With Potential Deal

December 6, 2011: The Star Online: "Reject Trans-Pacific partnerships talks" (link to

December 5, 2011: Kyodo News: Protests greet trans-Pacific free trade talks

December 5, 2011
: PressTV: "Malaysian anti-free trade activists protest FTA deals with the US" (link to

December 1, 2011:
Sassy MP, MP Minister Teresa Kok's blog: "People's Conference on Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement & EU-Malaysia FTAs (link to

November 28, 2011:
The Star Online
: "Need to assess costs and benefits of FTAs" (link to

May 4, 2011: Positive Living organizations in Malaysia express concern on the potential for free trade agreements to impact accessibility of HIV medications (link to ptfmalaysia,org)


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