News archive for TPP Round 15, Auckland, New Zealand

December 10, 2012-Scoop: Gordon Campbell: NZ's embarrasing TPP overtures to the US (links to

December 10, 2012-Nelson Mail: Protesters condemn 'secret trade deals' (links to

December 10, 2012-Crikey: Health experts excluded while Big Pharma calls the tune (links to

December 7, 2012-Scoop: Press Release from Jane Kelsey: "TPP a threat to democracy", delivery at rally tomorrow" (links to

December 7, 2012-Citizen A TPP Special with Martyn Bomber Bradbury, Mike DOlan from Teamsters 7 Professor Jane Kelsey (links to

December 6, 2012-Inside U.S. Trade: TPP Negotiations Pause for Stakeholder Presentations & Official Briefing (links to

December 6, 2012-Inside U.S. Trade: Civil Society Groups Blast 'Unprecedented' Access Restrictions At TPP Round (links to

December 6, 2012-Scoop: Press Release: New Rule Shuts Out Civil Society from TPP Negotiation Venue (links to

December 6, 2012-Auckland Scoop: Middle Earth demonstration against trade talks (links to

December 5, 2012- Boing Boing: Public interest groups fly to Auckalnd, NZ to meet with TPP negotiators, are only allowed in the building to give a 15-minute joint presentation (links to

December 5, 2012- Tech Dirt: Latest TPP Round Locks Out Public Interest Groups Who Flew To New Zealand; Gives Them 15 Minutes of Access (links to

December 5, 2012-US Hypocrisy: Supports Open Dialog On Internet Governance at WCIT; But Full Secrecy at Parallel TPP Negotiations (links to

December 5, 2012- Inside U.S. Trade: U.S. Failure to Table Patent Proposal Could Hinder IPR Progress (links to

December 5, 2012-Open Society Foundations blog post by Access to Medicines director Peter Maybarduk: Trans-Pacific Partnership: Closed Negotiations Against the Open Knoweldge Economy

December 5, 2012-Scoop: PM's Claim of $3b Benefits From TPPA Without Evidence (links to

December 4, 2012- Press Release: Digital Rights Groups and Help Experts Frustrated by New Rule to Shut Out Civil Society from TPP Negotiation Venue

December 4, 2012-Scoop: Press Release from AFTINET: Community Group Lockout Spotlights Secrecy of Trans-Pacific (links to

December 4, 2012-NZ City: TPP opponents gain an ally (links to

December 4, 2012-Stuff: Activists stage TPP boxing match (links to

December 3, 2012- Press Release from Washington Fair Trade: Tri-National Campaign Launched in Opposition to the TPPA (links to

December 3, 2012-TV NZ: Auckland TPP trade talks spark protest (links to

December 3, 2012-3 News: War of words in TPP public perception battle (links to

December 3, 2012-Scoop: Press release by Jane Kelsey: Lockout Of Stakeholders from TPP Negotiation Venue (links to

December 3, 2012- 3 News: Protests outside TPP talks (links to

December 3, 2012-The New Zealand Herald: Jane Kelsey: Pacific deal masks bigger plan (links to

December 2, 2012-3 News: Trans-Pacific Partnership secrecy draws critics (links to

December 2, 2012-Stuff: NZ to 'play both super powers' in trade (links to

December 1, 2012-Stuff: Navigating the choppy waters of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (links to

November 30, 2012-Dr. Patricia Ranald on Radio Australia discussing the TPP and the next round of negotiations (links to

November 29, 2012- The New Zealand Herald: Pharmac vulnerable in trade talks (links to

November 29, 2012-The New Zealand Herald: Warning on helping US employ TPP (links to

November 28, 2012- Electronic Frontier Foundation: Digital Rights Activists Gather in Auckland, New Zealand Next Week for the 15th Round of TPP Negotiations (links to

November 28, 2012- Inside U.S. Trade: New Zealand PM Sets Markers For Dairy, PHARMAC In TPP Negotiations (links to

November 27, 2012-The New Zealand Herald: NZ sets TPP signing terms (links to

November 26, 2012-Inside U.S. Trade: Franken Seeks Support For TPP Negotiating Goals in Letter To President (links to

November 21, 2012-Yes! Magazine: Can a "Dracula Strategy" Bring Trans-Pacific Partnership into the Sunlight? (links to

November 21, 2012- The New Zealand Herald: TPP leaders set 2012 target (links to

November 20, 2012-The New Zealand Herald: NZ joins rival trade deal as US ups ante (links to

November 20, 2012- Scoop: Press Release from Jane Kelsey: Thailand's Quest To Join TPPA Will Strengthen Opposition (Links to

November 11, 2012-The Japan Times: Noda: TPP talks to be on DPJ platform (links to

November 9, 2012-Leesburg Patch: Letter to the Editor by Access to Medicines Director Peter Maybarduk: Medicines Monopoly (links to

November 9, 2012-The New York Times: Japan Likely to Embrace Free Trade Pact (links to

October 23, 2012-Salon: Trans-Pacific Partnership: The biggest trade deal you've never heard of (links to

October 12, 2012-Charlotte Observer: Trade deal, good for jobs, feared bad for AIDS fight (links to

October 8, 2012- Consumers International Blog: The Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens hard-won consumer rights in Asia and the Americas (links to

October 1, 2012-IP Watch: On TPP Secrecy, US And Five Others Decline to Answer UN (links to

October 1, 2012-The United States Green Party Press Release: US Green Party signs international Green statement against "secret" Trans-Pacific Partnership pact (links to


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