News on TPP & A2M in New Zealand

May 13, Trade accord carries health warning (

February 5, 2014-
3 News: Report claims TPP gains have been overstated (links to

November 18, 2013-
The New Zealand Herald: Editorial: Sticking to our guns over TPP only way to go

November 15, 2013-
The New Zealand Herald: Government plays down TPP problems after leak and US setback

November 15, 2013-
The Daily Blog: TPPA hit by double whammy

November 14, 2013-
Scoop: TPP Negotiators should drop opposition to data protection

November 14, 2013- Governmetn not Wikileaks should reveal TPP facts

November 4, 2013-
The New Zealand Herald: Labour's new TPP limbo still a big shift

November 2, 2013- CTU reinforces stance against TPP

October 15, 2013- TPP secrecy creates serious risks - Peters

October 9, 2013-
The Dominion Post: Hidden trade agendas are a worry

October 4, 2013-Scoop: PM urged to ensure New Zealander's health not signed away

September 20, 2013-The University of Auckland: Trade agreement threatens access to affordable medicines

September 16, 2013-MSN NZ:Reveal TPP negotiations, Cunliffe says

September 12, 2013- Scoop: Groser and Key must reject ongoing assault on Pharmac

July 25, 2013 - Nelson is Second City to Pass Critical Resolution on TPPA (links to

June 12, 2012 -
Mondaq: Australia: A Kiwi-sized "Spanner in the works" of the TPP? (links to

March 11, 2013-Dominion Post: Does foreign investment trump New Zealanders' Health (links to

March 3, 2013- Scoop: Press Release: Doctors and Nurses warn Prime Minister over trade talks (links to

February 7, 2013- Government must promise NZ won¹t cave on Pharmac in TPPA   

December 14, 2012-Inside U.S. Trade: NZ Government New Position on Software Patents Seen As TPP Tradeoff (links to

December 12, 2012-Voxy: Two thirds of NZers wary of TPP (links to

December 12, 2012-The New Zealand Herald: Secret talks breed scepticism (links to

December 10, 2012-Scoop: Gordon Campbell: NZ's embarrassing TPP overtures to the US (links to

December 10, 2012-NZ Doctor: Secret trade deal will affect the cost of health care in New Zealand (links to

December 10, 2012-Crikey: Health experts excluded while Big Pharma calls the tune (links to

December 7, 2012-Citizen A TPP Special with Martyn Bomber Bradbury, Mike Dolan from Teamsters & Professor Jane Kelsey (links to

December 6, 2012- Auckland City Council Resolutions RDO/2012/265 and 266 on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

December 6, 2012-Inside U.S. Trade: Observers See Increasing Link Between Dairy and PHARMAC Disciplines (links to

December 6, 2012-The New Zealand Herald: Briar Mannering: Put NZ's health before interests of big pharma (links to

December 6, 2012-Briar Mannering: Put NZ's health before interests of big pharma (links to

Decemebr 6, 2012-Business Scoop: TPP Negotiators on Notice to Protect Environment: Poll (links to

December 5, 2012- Maritime Union of New Zealand Press Release: Maritime Union Links to Building "Trans-Pacific Opposition"

December 5, 2012-Greenpeace: TPPA a multinational corporate tool for undermining environmental protection law (links to

December 5, 2012-Sciblogs: The TPP - what does it mean for science? (links to

December 5, 2012-3 News: US companies 'out to get Pharmac' (links

December 5, 2012
-Scoop: PM's Claim Of $3b Benefits From TPPA Without Evidence (links to

December 4, 2012- Voxy: Trans Pacific Partnership secrecy a concern (links to

December 4, 2012-The Australian: Warring trade agreements (links to

December 4, 2012-Stuff: PM backs TPP talks secrecy (links to

December 4, 2012-Voxy: Treaty-making 101 for ministers, bloggers and lobbyists (links to

December 4, 2012- Gordon Campbell on Tim Groser's 'political projectile vomiting' about the TPPA (

December 3, 2012-The Wire radio interview with Deeborah Gleeson about the healthcare transparency annex and PHARMAC in the TPP

December 3, 2012-Inside U.S. Trade: Groser: NZ Seeking Reasonable Compromises On Pharmac, GIs

December 3, 2012
-TV NZ: Auckland TPP trade talks spark protest (links to

December 3, 2012-The New Zealand Herald: Jane Kelsey: Pacific deal masks bigger plan (links to

December 2, 2012-Scoop: Press Realase by Jane Kelsey: Polls show most NZers want to end secret TPPA negotiations (links to

December 2, 2012-Stuff: NZ to 'play both super powers' in trade (links to

December 1, 2012-Stuff: Navigating the choppy waters of the TPP (links to

November 29, 2012-Inside U.S. Trade: New Zealand PM Sets Markers for Dairy, PHARMAC In TPP Negotiations (links to

November 29, 2012-New Zealand Herald: Pharmac vulnerable in trade talks (links to

November 29, 2012- New Zealand Herald: Warning on helping US employ TPP (links to

November 26, 2012-New Zealand Herald: No TPP deal unless dairy and Pharmac are in-Key (links to

November 20, 2012: NZCity: Key, Obama to make TPP push (links to

November 20, 2012: The New Zealand Herald: NZ joins rival trade deal as US ups ante (links to

October 29, 2012-Stuff: Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Thief In the Night? (links to

October 26, 2012-The New Zealand Herald: TPP secrecy invites suspicion about US (links to

October 3, 2012-Pharmac Under Attack by Pharmaceutical Industry (links to

September 25, 2012-New Zealand Doctor: Pharmac threatened by proposed trade agreement (links to

September 24, 2012-The New Zealand Herald: US proposal on Pharmac a bitter pill (links to

September 12, 2012-Scoop: National MPs shut down health debate (links to

July 9, 2012-NZ Herald: Tech Firms Fear Trade Deal Loss of Freedom (links to

November 16, 2011 Stuff: No Pharmac in Trans-Pacific Partnership" (link to

November 9, "Secret deal could harm health for short-term trade gains" (link to

November 4, 2011-
Inside US Trade: "U.S. Leaked TPP Proposal On Drug Pricing Sets Up Fight With New Zealand" (link to

November 4, 2011-
Scoop: "New Zealand Trades Away Sovereignty in Secret Negotiations" (link to

October 26, 2011
-New Zealand Herald: "Don't weaken Pharmac for US drug lobby say Labour, Greens" (link to

October 25, 2011-Radio New Zealand News: "Key sticks to Pharmac position" (link to

October 23, 2011-Scoop: "Details of US Attack on Pharmac in Free Trade" (link to

September 13, 2011-
New Zealand Herald: "US calls for IP drug protection in Pacific trade deal" (link to

September 13, 2011
-Voxy: "US White Paper on medicines "window-dressing" (link to

September 13, 2011-Scoop: "US White Paper on Medicines issued at TPPA talks in Chicago" (link to

September 13, 2011-Trading Room: "US offers drugs plan at trade talks" (link to

September 7, 2011-Scoop: "Chicago activists protest Trans-Pacific Partnership" (link to

New Zealand

RT Hon Winston Peters asks Minister of Trade why the text of the TPP can't be released:

Sign the Avaaz Petition- Get Us to 1 Million Mark before December 8, 2012-National Day of Action for the Auckland round of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

NEW! Making Fun of TPP: National Cartoon Competition Launched

Public Citizen analyses

Fact sheet: Dangers for Access to Affordable Medicines in New Zealand, Intellectual Property in the TPP. September, 2012

Dangers for Access to Medicines in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: Comparative Analysis of the U.S. Intellectual Property Proposal and New Zealand Law NEW!

Leaked Trade Negotiations Text and Analysis

Leaked Proposed Intellectual Property Text, February 2011

Leaked Paper submitted by New Zealand on IP Proposal, December 2010


Gleeson, D.; Lopert, R.; Reid, Papaarangi. How the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement could undermine PHARMAC and threaten access to affordable medicines and health equity in New Zealand, Health Policy, August 2013.

Analysis of the Leaked New Zealand Paper on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and Intellectual Property,
Third World Network, Public Citizen, December 2010

Public Citizen Memo: Leaked New Zealand Paper Challenges Past U.S. FTA Models in Trans-Pacific Trade Negotiations, Access to Medicines at Stake, December, 2010

Other Analyses

Analysis of TPP's consequences for health in New Zealand, 2013

Analysis of TPP pharmaceutical provisions, New Zealand College of Public Health
, September 2011 (link to

"Public health and the promise of free trade", Fergus and Alistair Woodward, Australia and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, 2011 (link to

Pharmac Annual Report 2011-2012: Pharmac says its work has saved district health boards more than $5 billion over the past 12 years

Letters and Statements

Over 270 health professionals in New Zealand wrote Prime Minister John Key warning that the ISDS provisions in the TPP could threaten the future of health in NZ, May 12, 2014

New Zealand Smokefree Coalition sends letter to Prime Minister Rt. Hon John Key,
March 3, 2013

Association of Salaried Medical Specialists: "Prime Minister needs to come clean on drug companies influence in trade negotiations; alarm bells ringing,
October 25, 2011 (link to

New Zealand civil society groups send letter to Prime Minister Rt. Hon John Key,

October 14, 2011

New Zealand civil society groups send letter to Prime Minister Rt. Hon John Key,
February 10, 2011


TPP & The Attack On Public Healthcare In New Zealand With Marilyn Head Of NZ Nurses Organization 


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