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Council for a Livable World v. Dep't of State

Topic(s): Government Transparency – FOIA
Status: open
Citation: 96-1807 (TFH)
Date Of Involvement: 07/29/1998
Docket: 96-1807

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This case concerns the disclosure of records concerning operation "Blue Lantern," in which the Department of State monitors compliance with the laws restricting export of sensitive technologies. The briefs address issues under Exemptions 1, 3, and 7 of the FOIA.

Public Citizen ultimately prevailed in part, obtaining about half of the documents it sought. Among other rulings, Public Citizen successfully challenged a declaration submitted by the government in support of its Exemption 1 claim on the basis that the declarant did not have sufficient classification authority and successfully challenged the adequacy of the government's Vaughn index.