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Dendrite International v. Does 1 through 4

Close Date: 07/11/2001
Topic(s): Internet Free Speech - Right To Speak Anonymously
Status: closed
Citation: 342 NJ Super. 134, 775 A. 2d 756
Date Of Involvement: 07/11/2000

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Company providing and servicing software for the pharmaceutical industry sued four anonymous posters, two of them current or former employees, alleging defamation, disclosure of trade secrets, and breach of employment contract. Public Citizen filed an amicus brief in support of opposition by two posters to subpoena to Yahoo!After the court entered order protecting these two posters, and applying a standard for future cases, the company appealed denial of subpoena regarding one of the posters. The Appellate Decision went out of its way to announce a standard for dealing with future cases, largely adopting the approach recommended by Public Citizen’s amicus brief. The decision remains one of the leading precedents in the area.