News on TPP & Public Health in Japan

October 15 - The Asahi Shimbun: Japan proposes eliminating tariffs on 89 percent of items in TPP pact

July 18, 2013 -
The Japan Times: Parties must clearly explain TPP (links to

July 15, 2013 -
World Trade Online: Official: Japan Not Precluding Changes To Agreed-Upon Provisions In TPP (links to

May 25, 2013 -
Stop TPP: 第17回TPP交渉会合でどんな進展があったのか!?(その2)─産業界からの意見を公開 Protest to STOP Japan's participation in TPPA negotiation!! (links to

May 6, 2013-
The Real News Video: Japanese Movement Against TPP Growing (links to

April 28, 2013
- Sunday Star Times: Japanese Protests suggest limits to TPP

April 21, 2013 - The Japan Times: Fearing the worst if Japan joins the TPP (links to

April 10,
2013 -
毎日JP:毎日フォーラム・特集:TPPへ事実上の協定参加 (links to

March 15, 2013
- The Asahi Shimbun: Japan agrees to join 11-nation TPP free trade talks (links to

March 14, 2013- The Wall Street Journal: Japan's Abe Seeks to Join Free-Trade Talks as Last Phase of Economic Plan (links to

March 12, 2013 - The Japan Times: Pharmaceutical firms’ battle over generic drugs threatens TPP (links to

February 2, 2013-
Daily Yomiuri Online: Abe wavering over participation in TPP talks (links to

January 10, 2013- Inside U.S. Trade: New Leaders in Tokyo, Seoul Unlikely To Be Active On Trade In Near Term (links to

December 4, 2012 - Japan Times: Candidates mainly say no to TPP (

November 11, 2012
-The Japan Times: Noda: TPP talks to be on DJP platform (links to

November 9, 2012-
The New York Times: Japan Likely to Embrace Free Trade Pact (links to

November 9, 2012
-The Asahi Shimbun: Noda to express willingness to participate in TPP talks

November 2, 2013 - Sakakibara: U.S. could use TPP to push standards on Japan (links to

September 12, 2012
Stuff: Japan no closer to joining TPP trade talks

September 11, 2012-The West: New Zealand pushes Japan to join Pacific trade pact (links to

August 22, 2012-Anti-Free Traders to Copy Anti-Nuke Protestors in Weekly Tokyo Demos (links to

March 12, 2012-「TPPを考える対話集会」 農業以外への影響指摘も(links to

January 16, 2012-20XX年、TPP参加であなたの医療が削られる 有名無実化した国民皆保険の未来予想図 (links to

October 26, 2011-TPPで「国民皆保険」崩壊 病院にかかれなくなる庶民 (links to

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Public Citizen Analysis

Welcoming Japan: Patent Issues in the TPP and Japanese Innovation System

Presentation by Dr. Burcu Kilic - July 22, 2013

Public Citizen Presents on TPP in Japan

Public Citizen's Peter Maybarduk speaks at March 12, 2012 International Symposium on TPP in Japan (links to

Public Citizen's Peter Maybarduk and others speak at March 12, 2012 anti-TPP Rally in Japan (links to

Japanese Movement Against TPP Growing

Petitions against the TPP from Japanese Representatives

Democratic Party of Japan Members Resign in Protest of TPP, July 23, 2012 (link to Daily Yomiuri Online)


Translated Lyrics:

STOP together! TPP
STOP together! TPP
When combined force everyone
We should stop TPP

Genetically modified Be Careful
TPP that can not be left
It is threatened by food safety
Bad TPP is off guard

Employment decrease, and wages fall
TPP'll cause hunger
Deflation is willing, economic decline
TPP I is not that good

The priority the interests of foreign companies
TPP's funny like that
I'm not a problem of agriculture one
Problem of TPP you!

I might not be able to parody cosplay
TPP I hate such a thing
Be deprived of freedom of expression
TPP that are not allowed

Can not go hospital if there is no money
Everyone will be troubled by TPP
Appendix surgery will cost two million!
Anyone will be troubled by TPP

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The TPP Would Also Affect Copyright Legislation and Internet Rights in Japan: Find out more

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