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Oren M. Tepper, MD

Course last offered: Fall 2001

Page last updated: April 15, 2009

Seminar Descriptions
Master Scholars Program, Fall 2001

Course Name
The Physician as Advocate
Sponsoring Society
Walter Reed Society for Health Policy and Public Health May Chinn Society for Bioethics and Human Rights
Course Directors: Adina Kalet, MD., MPH, Allen Keller, M.D. Asst. Course Director: Oren Tepper, MSIV, NYU School of Med.
Fall, 2001
Date and Times
5:30-7:00 p.m. Wednesday: 10/3, 10/24, 11/7, 11/28, 12/5
Tuesday: 10/9
Course Description
Physicians have a critical role to play as advocates in shaping health policy and health care delivery. Compared to non-health professionals, physicians often notice problems before they reach public attention, have easier access to data sources, and are generally afforded greater authority in the advocacy arena. By disseminating information to the general public, the press and government officials, physicians have the opportunity to advocate on a wide range of issues such as access to care, environmental exposures, occupational health, and violence.

This seminar will provide an overview of skills and techniques physicians need to be effective advocates. Speakers will share their unique experiences in the field of health advocacy. Seminar participants will have the opportunity to become actively engaged in advocacy projects with faculty mentorship.
Course Outline
SESSION I: Wednesday, October 3

Going Beyond the Traditional Physician Role: How Physicians Can Get Involved in Health Activism

Speaker: Dr. Peter Lurie, MD, MPH, Deputy Director, Public Citizen’s Health Research Group

SESSION II: Tuesday, October 9
Health, Human Rights, and Advocacy

Speaker: Allen Keller, MD
Society Master, May Chinn Society for Bioethics and Human Rights, NYU School of Medicine

SESSION III: Wednesday, October 24
Getting thee Message out to Policy Makers: Lobbying 101

Allen Keller, MD
Speakers: Gilda Ventresca Ecroyd, Associate Dean, Office of Government Affairs, NYU School of Medicine

SESSION IV: Wednesday, November 7
Choosing your Battles and Fighting Them: How Practicing Physicians Become Involved in Activism

Speakers: David Stevens MD, Deborah Dowell MD, Dept. of Medicine, NYU School of Medicine
Judy Wessler, Director, Commission on the Public’s Health System

SESSION V: Wednesday, November 28
Public Relations and the Media Spin

Speakers: Pam McDonnell, Director of Public Affairs and Media Relations, NYU Medical Center
Allen Keller, MD

SESSION VI: Wednesday, December 5
Wrap-up And Student Presentations

Speakers: Drs. Kalet, Keller, Oren Tepper and other faculty