• HSBC gets off scot-free

    President Donald Trump's Justice Department is reportedly releasing HSBC from the deal that let the money-laundering bank escape criminal charges in 2012. Read our statement.

  • We filed a complaint against Paul Ryan for misusing the State of the Union

    Public Citizen today urged the Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate whether Speaker Paul Ryan violated House rules by allowing the State of the Union broadcast to be used to fundraise for President Donald Trump's reelection campaign.

  • Trump's savage attack on consumers, veterans and servicemembers

    President Donald Trump signed legislation allowing banks and other financial institutions to rip off American consumers, veterans and servicemembers with impunity.

    Read our statement.

  • The auto industry will ask lawmakers to roll back clean car standards

    After promising in 2012 to meet the emissions standards, Ford and other automakers are planning to testify against them at a congressional hearing. Read our release.

  • We're winning

    Public Citizen's legal efforts against the Trump administration continue to rack up victories. The Secret Service settled a lawsuit that will lead to the public release of White House visitor logs. Read more here. Support our work.