News about Copyright Issues in the TPP in Chile

October 8, 2013-Pinera ante el TPP: Chile va a velar para proteger sus legitimos intereses

September 24, 2013-
Gestion: Indecopi participara en negociaciones del TPP en Mexico

June 5, 2013-Gamba: TPP:El Acuerdo Secreto de Pinera con Estados Unidos para Censurar Internet en Chile

June, 2013
- International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development: El Acuerdo de Asociación Transpacífico en la política comercial chilena (links to

June 2, 2013-
Scoop: Chile's ex-chief negotiator drops a bombshell on TPPA (links to

May 31, 2013-
The Santiago Times: Consumer rights groups: Trans-Pacific Partnership to hurt consumers (links to

May 30, 2013-
Consumers International: Organizaciones denuncian al TPP (links to

March 23, 2013
- Naked Capitalism: Chile's Recent Lead Negotiator on Trans-Pacific Parntership Warns It Could Be a "Threat to Our Countries" (links to

May 21, 2013- ONG Derechos Digitales: Discurso del 21 de mayo: el TPP y la voluntad política en Chile (links to

May 17, 2013- ONG Derechos Digitales: Our Fair Deal vs. TPP: Nace una nueva coalición para exigir un trato justo (links to

May 16, 2013- ONG Derechos Digitales: Ex jefe de negociaciones del TPP pide una posición firme y no integrarse al tratado "de calquier manera" (links to

May 14, 2013- ONG Derechos Digitales: TPP: Foro universitario en la Universidad del Pacífico en Perú (links to

May 3, 2013- ONG Derechos Digitales: #NoTPP: Presidencia asegura no tener antecedentes de negociaciones de Chile en el TPP (links to

March 29, 2013- ONG Derechos Digitales: Derechos Digitales en National Conference for Media Reform (links to

March 28, 2013- ONG Derechos Digitales: Nueva Ronda TPP: ¿necesita Chile firmar esta acuerdo? (links to

March 28, 2013
- ONG Derechos Digitales: Ronda de Singapur del TPP: reporte extendido (links to

March 15, 2013-ONG Derechos Digitales: La ronda de negociacion del TPP en Peru es fundamental para el futuro de Internet (links to

March 1, 2013-
Inside US Trade: Chile Names New TPP Chief Negotiator Ahead of Singapore Round (links to

February 25, 2013-
Inside US Trade: Chile Lead TPP Negotiator Steps Down: Replacement Not Yet Named (links to

February 1, 2013
-The Santiago Times: How the Trans-Pacific Partnership lost its way (links to

December 27, 2013- ONG Derechos Digitales: #NOTPP: Reporte sobre 15a ronda de negociación del TPP (links to

For Older News, Visit the Chile Copyright News Archives



An Overview of the TPP's Copyright Controversies in Chile:

  • "Chile, one of the participants of the P4 agreement, TPP's predecessor, had been a strong proponent of the TPP according to Wikileaks cables. However, the US intellectual property proposal to the TPP has contributed to shifting Chile's initial enthusiasm for the agreement..." Read more.

Claudio Ruiz from Derechos Digitales, an active civil society group on copyright related issues, explains how the TPP would hurt access to knowledge in Chile in the video below.

Letters and Statements

Derechos Digitales analysis: "Chile and the TPP Negotiations: Analysis of the economic and political impact" May, 2013

Derechos Digitales statement on the TPP: "Propiedad intelectual en el Acuerdo de Asociacion Trans Pacifico / Intellectual Property in Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement" February 17, 2011

Derechos Digitales and Políticas Farmacéuticas on the TPP: "Declaración pública: Tratado Transpacífico acarreará millonarias pérdidas económicas al país" November 26, 2011

Other Documents

'Dossier TPP' by ONG Derechos Digitales, February 2012

'Análisis del capítulo sobre Propriedad Intelectual del TPP'  by ONG Derechos Digitales, April 2012

Derechos Digitales Documents

NGO Derechos Digitales outlines the leaked TPP text and highlights majors concerns over the limitations and exceptions, parallel imports and exhaustion, user rights, and ISP liability proposals.  They delineate solutions that would ensure consumer protection.

Copyright, Parallel Imports and Exhaustion of Distribution Rights
Internet Service Providers Liability
Limitation and Exceptions
Users' Rights


TPP Abierto


"TPP Abierto" is an initiative bringing together various Latin American civil society groups from TPP countries who are seeking an agreement that will protect fundamental rights threatened by such agreements. Find out More

For more information, visit our partner organization in Chile


The TPP Will Also Affect Access to Medicines and Innovation in Chile: Find out more

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