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Kraft and Philip Morris Documents

Fundraising Letter from Graham to Philip Morris Requesting $25,000 (October 21, 1991)

Philip Morris Memo Commenting on Letter from Graham: "Sure he's after $ to help support his center ..."
(October 29, 1991)

Copy of $25,000 Check from PM to Harvard School of Public Health (January 21, 1992)

Letter from Philip Morris with Enclosed $25,000 Check (January 22, 1992)

Graham Writes Philip Morris to ask "that some arrangement can be made with Kraft." (January 31, 1992)

Philip Morris Memo: Monthly Activities Include Meeting with Graham (February 6, 1992)

Philip Morris Memo: Stop Payment on Check to HCRA (February 13, 1992)

Philip Morris Memo: Graham Asked PM to Review Book for Accuracy and Discussed Meetings with Thorne Auchter and Boyden Gray (March 2, 1992)

Fax to Philip Morris from Graham Concerning Science Article (March 2, 1992)

Philip Morris Memo to Graham Regarding Accuracy of Science Article (March 11, 1992)

Graham Discusses Pesticide Projects and Kraft Funding (June 1, 1992)

Graham Letter to Jonathan Wiener on Risk Assessment and Second Hand Smoke (June 26, 1992)

Letter from Kraft Vice President Guardia Providing $20,000 Donation (August 12, 1992)

Philip Morris Memo: Discussing Food Safety Legislation with Graham (August 31, 1992)

Philip Morris Interested in HCRA Pesticide Research and will Discuss Funding Proposals with Kraft
(August 26, 1993)

Agenda for Worldwide Regulatory Affairs Meeting (August 30, 1993)

Graham, Using Philip Morris Referral, asks Kraft for Donation and Offers His Testimony for Review
(September 7, 1993)

HCRA Fax: Graham Apologizes for Mistakenly Soliciting Funds from Philip Morris (September 8, 1993)

Graham Thanks Mayada Logue of Philip Morris for Donation of Computer (October 25, 1993)

Graham Writes Kraft to Solicit Funds (November 19, 1993)

Graham Assistant Faxes Kraft Tax Information for Donations (August 23, 1994)

Kraft Provides $20,000 to Support HCRA's Work on Health and Safety (September 20, 1994)

Graham Thanks Kraft for $20,000 Donation (September 30, 1994)

Routing Directions for $20,000 Kraft Donation (September 30, 1994)

Harvey Fineberg, Harvard School of Public Health Dean, Thanks Kraft for $20,000 Donation
(November 16, 1994)

HCRA's 1993 to 1994 Corporate Contributions

Graham Offers to Visit Kraft Headquarters While Requesting $20,000 in HCRA Fundraising Letter
(August 31, 1995)

Fax from Graham Assistant Confirming that Kraft Had Not Replied to HCRA Fundraising Letter
(December 21, 1995)

Kraft Donates $20,000 to HCRA to Promote "rational response to health and safety hazards" (March 19, 1996)

Graham Thanks Kraft for $20,000 Gift (April 5, 1996)

Graham Letter to Kraft Highlighting Past Accomplishments and Soliciting $20,000 (September 20, 1996)

Fax from Graham's Assistant Providing Fundraising Letters from Graham to Kraft (January 17, 1997)

HRCA Routing Instructions for $20,000 Kraft Donation (October 8, 1997)

Graham Thanks Mayada Logue of Philip Morris for "efforts to expedite Kraft Foods, Inc. gift of $20,000"
(October 20, 1997)

Graham Writes Kraft to Acknowledge $20,000 Gift and Copies Letter to Mayada Logue of Philip Morris
(October 20, 1997)

HCRA Fundraising Letter Requesting $25,000 Contribution from Kraft (September 11, 1997)

Graham Letter to Philip Morris Soliciting $50,000 for Risk Symposium (June 3, 1998)

HCRA Fundraising Letter Soliciting a $25,000 Unrestricted Grant from Kraft (March 1, 1999)

HCRA Sources of Financial Support (January 22, 2000)

HCRA Fundraising Letter Requesting $20,000 from Kraft (January 24, 2000)

Philip Morris Fax to Graham

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