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Public Citizen | Drug Industry: Prices, Profits & Campaign Contributions - Drug Industry: Prices, Profits, R&D, Campaign Contributions & Lobbying

Drug Industry:
Prices, Profits and R&D,
Campaign Contributions & Lobbying

  • Prescription Drug Prices

(11/7/02) Public Citizen's Post-Election Analysis: Handful of Senate Moderates Now Hold Key to Protecting Consumer Interests

(6/20/01) Washington Post: Prescription for Profit

(4/10/00) HHS Report Confirms Existence of Prescription Drug Price Discrimination

Full Text of the Health and Human Services Report to the President: Prescription Drug Coverage, Spending, Utilization and Prices

(1/26/00) Methods Used by European Countries To Obtain Reasonable Drug Prices for Consumers

Information on the Allen Bill: Prescription Drug Fairness for Seniors Act

Statement on International Drug Parity Act of 1999 (H.R. 1885/S. 1191)

  • Corporate Profits and Drug Industry R&D

(6/23/03) 2002 Drug Industry Profits: Hefty Pharmaceutical Company Margins Dwarf Other Industries

(6/26/02) Would Lower Prescription Drug Prices Curb Drug Company Research & Development?

(4/18/02) Pharmaceutical Industry Ranks as Most Profitable Industry, Again (Press Release)

(4/16/02) Pharmaceuticals Rank as Most Profitable Industry, Again

(12/4/01) Tufts Drug Study Sample Is Skewed; True Figure of R&D Costs Likely Is 75 Percent Lower

(12/4/01) Critique of the DiMasi/Tufts Methodology and Other Key Prescription Drug R&D Issues

(11/28/01) Rebuttals to PhRMA Responses to the Public Citizen Report, Rx R&D Myths: The Case Against The Drug Industry s R&D Scare Card

(7/23/01) Rx R&D Myths: The Case Against the Drug Industry's R&D "Scare Card"

(4/11/01) Drug Industry Most Profitable Again

(10/6/00) Consumer Group Releases Detailed Analysis of Prescription Drug Industry Profitability as Debate Over Prescription Drug Issue Heats Up in Election

(10/6/00) Analysis of Corporate Profits, 1999

(1/26/00) Merrill Lynch Finds the Prescription Drug Fairness for Seniors Act Would Cut Drug Company Revenues by Only 3.3%

  • Campaign Contributions and Lobbying

(6/23/2004) The Medicare Drug War: Drug Companies and HMOs Led an Army of Nearly 1,000 Lobbyists to Promote Misguided Legislation and Increase Profits

(6/23/2003) The Other Drug War 2003: Drug Companies Deploy an Army of 675 Lobbyists to Protect Profits

(11/7/02) Public Citizen's Post-Election Analysis: Handful of Senate Moderates Now Hold Key to Protecting Consumer Interests

(10/21/02) United Seniors Association: Hired Guns for PhRMA and Other Corporate Interests -- Updated October 17, 2002

(10/21/02) Seniors Group Continues to Do Bidding of Drug Industry, Sponsor "Issue Ads" to Help Industry Allies in Campaigns

(10/14/02) Who's Pulling the Strings in Washington? How Drug Industry Profits "Buy" Special Access to Congress

(8/12/02) Public Citizen Urges FEC to Investigate United Seniors Association (USA)

(8/9/02) Letter to the FEC Concerning United Seniors Association Issue Ads

(7/19/02) Brand-Name Drug Companies Versus Generics: Lobbying and Campaign Contributions

(7/19/02) Brand-Name Drug Industry Overwhelms Generic in Campaign Contributions and Lobbying Spending

(7/16/02) New Report Unmasks United Seniors Association as Hired Gun for Drug Industry

(7/12/02) United Seniors Association: Hired Guns for PhRMA and Other Corporate Interests

(6/26/02) The Other Drug War II: Drug Companies Use an Army of 623 Lobbyists to Keep Profits Up (Fact Sheet)

(6/13/02) Biggest Drug Companies Expand Lobbying Army in 2001

(6/12/02) The Other Drug War II: Drug Companies Use an Army of 623 Lobbyists to Keep Profits Up (Report)

(11/4/01) New York Times Coverage of Public Citizen's "The Other Drug War..." Report

(7/23/01) The Other Drug War: Big Pharma's 625 Washington Lobbyists

(11/1/00) Rx Industry Goes for KO: Drug Companies Spend Record Amount This Election Cycle

(9/21/00) Top Bush Health Adviser Stands To Gain Personally from Candidate's Medicare Plan

(7/6/00) Addicting Congress: Drug Companies' Campaign Cash & Lobbying Expenses

(7/20/00) Citizens for Better Medicare: The Truth Behind the Drug Industry's Deception of America's Seniors Designed to Mislead America s Seniors

(4/5/00) New Investigative Study Reveals How Unhealthy Alliance Between HMOs and Congressional Leaders Threatens Patients' Rights Bill

(1/26/00) PhRMA s Secret Playbook: "Insider" Documents Show Prescription Drug Industry Continues Campaign to Undermine Support for a Prescription Drug Benefit

(1/4/00) How the Prescription Drug Industry "Buys" Special Influence in Washington

(6/25/99) Pharmaceutical Industry's Propaganda Campaign Against the Prescription Drug Fairness for Seniors Act

(3/9/99) Deborah Steelman Collected Nearly $3 Million from Health Industry Interests with Major Stake in Medicare Reform


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