Hazards of SUVs for Children

Exposure of children in SUVs is very high; closest to that of minivans. Yet parents who purchase SUVs for transporting their families may be unaware that a child riding in an SUV is twice as likely to die in a crash as a child riding in a minivan.

Fact 1: Children are transported in SUVs more frequently than in cars, and SUVs are the second-most common way to transport children behind minivans.

Fact 2: SUVs are among the most risky types of vehicles for the transportation of children, yet SUVs are twice as deadly for children as minivans.

Fact 3: Children are more at risk of death from a rollover crash in an SUV than in any other type of vehicle. After adjusting for differences in occupancy rates, 70 percent of child fatalities in SUVs are in rollover crashes, in comparison with 50 percent of child fatalities in pickups, 43 percent in minivans, 34 percent in compacts, and 21 percent to 28 percent in other car types.  And, rollovers in SUVs pose a higher risk to children than rollovers in any other vehicle type— more than three times the rollover death risk of children riding in minivans.

Fact 4: Alarming trend statistics show that the number of children riding in SUVs is increasing, while the number of children riding in minivans and cars has begun in recent years to decrease.

Fact 5: SUVs are not designed to be as safe for children, or other occupants, as minivans, but with technology available to manufacturers today, they could be.

Click here to read the full report "SUVs: The High Costs of Lax Fuel Economy Standards for American Families."  (The above statistics are cited in the report.)

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