Bush Stealthily Authorizes Full Access to U.S. Roads for Even More Mexico-Based NAFTA Trucks

Posted:  12/07/2007

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View a list of the carriers allowed operating in the U.S.



In a complete affront to public safety, Bush has allowed more unsafe Mexico-domiciled trucks full access to U.S. roads.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) normally issues press releases detailing its actions regarding this dangerous North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) trucking program.  Now, the DOT simply updates a web page and forgoes making an announcement to the public it is required to serve and protect on our highways.

Recently, DOT increased the number of NAFTA trucks permitted full access to all U.S. highways, allowing 10 Mexico-based carriers to send as many as 55 trucks throughout the country.  The last time the DOT made a public statement regarding these cross-border trucks there were only three carriers named.

This "pilot project" is placing corporate profits in front of our citizens' safety on the nation's roads despite opposition from both houses of Congress and reports detailing the project’s utter disregard for the most basic safety measures.

This cross-border trucking program violates a 2001 congressional mandate that Mexico-domiciled trucking companies meet U.S. safety standards regarding hours of service, driver training and licensing, and vehicle safety before being allowed access to the nation's roadways.  Recently, the House passed the final version of the appropriations bill for the DOT that eliminates funding for this program, which is now pending in the Senate.  Bush has threatened to veto this bill.   Tell the Senate not to cave in to the administration’s demands.