House Vote to Cut Off Funding for Bush's Reckless NAFTA Trucks Program Is Important Step for Safety

The House of Representatives today passed, on an overwhelming 270-147 vote, a spending bill that strips funds from the controversial NAFTA trucks pilot program.

Posted:  11/14/2007

Press statement of Joan Claybrook

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Earlier this year, both the House and the Senate passed versions of the Department of Transportation appropriations bill with language to de-fund the so-called “pilot program” for granting Mexico-based trucking companies full access to U.S. roads.  Congressional negotiators reconciling the two bills opted to keep the de-funding clause in the final spending bill, which the House voted today to pass.

The administration has time and time again flouted the clear intent of Congress that the public’s safety must be paramount in any decision to give NAFTA trucks unlimited access to U.S. roads. Now, Congress has drawn a line in the sand; the final version of the DOT spending bill passed tonight forbids taxpayer dollars from supporting this dangerous, ill-advised, so-called pilot program.

The bill is expected to go to the Senate for a final vote soon.  The Bush White House has threatened to veto it, citing spending levels above the administration’s budget request.