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December 1, 2013-Aljazeera America: US push on intellectual property conflicts with international norms

November 20, 2013-
The Salt Lake Tribune: Bloomberg: Conduct trade talks in the open

November 20, 2013-
Disruptive Competition Project: Marking up the TPP (links to

November 20, 2013-
The Drum: Negotiating our health at TPP talks (links to

ber 19, 2013-Huffington Post: Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Runs Into Serious Resistance Due to Public Scrutiny (links to
Also in the Guardian: The Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty is the complete opposite of "free trade"

November 19, 2013
-Digital News Asia: Asian countries battle IP 'maximalism' in leaked TPP chapter (links to

November 18, 2013-
The Age: Free trade not a licence to rip off Australia (links to

November 18, 2013-
Bloomberg: Obama's Secrecy is Hurting Free-Trade Talks (links to

November 18, 2013
-The Washington Post: The United States is isolated in the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations (links to

November 15, 2013-
The Washington Post: Five key questions - and answers - about the leaked TPP text

November 15, 2013-
The New Zealand Herald: Government plays down TPP problems after leak and US setback

November 15, 2013-
The Daily Blog: TPPA hit by double whammy

November 14, 2013-
Naked Capitalism: Wikileaks Disclosure of Trade Deal Chapter Shows It Will Kill People and Internet; House Opposition is Widespread

November 14, 2013-
The Examiner: Best three roundups of the alleged leaked Wikileaks TPP Internet Chapter

November 14, 2013-
Michael Geist: The Trans-Pacific Partnership chapter leaks: The battle over ISP liability (links to

November 14, 2013-
US News: Leaked document adds to US-led trade deal doubts

November 14, 2013-
The Sydney Morning Herald: Call for government to come clean over US trade deal

November 14, 2013-
The Washington Post: Leaked treaty is a Hollywood wish list. Could it derail Obama's trade agenda?

November 14, 2013-
KEI: TPP Negotiating Parties' Counter-Proposal to the US on Medicines Represents a More Flexible Approach (links to

November 13, 2013-
EFF: TPP Leak Confirms the Worst: US Negotiators Still Trying to Trade Away Internet Freedoms

November 13, 2013-
Centro de Investigación Periodistica: Wikileaks: Nueva filtración devela los alcances de la negociación del tratado secreto TPP (links to

November 13, 2013-
The New York Times: About That Secret Deal

November 13, 2013
-WashingtonPost: Leaked treaty is a Hollywood wish list. Could it derail Obama's trade agenda? (links to

November 13, 2013-
Cnet: Wikileaks publishes draft of secretive TPP trade pact

November 13, 2013-
Al Jazeera America: Wikileaks shines rare light onto US trade negotiations

November 13, 2013-Huff Post Live: Peter Maybarduk Interviewed about Wikileaks Release (starts at 13:50)

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WikiLeaks publishes Secret TPP Text

Complete IP Chapter Revealed






















Leaked Documents Reveal Obama Administration Push for Internet Freedom Limits, Terms That Raise Drug Prices in Closed-Door Trade Talks

U.S. Demands in Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Text, Published Today by WikiLeaks, Contradict Obama Policy and Public Opinion at Home and Abroad

November 13, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Secret documents published today by WikiLeaks and analyzed by Public Citizen reveal that the Obama administration is demanding terms that would limit Internet freedom and access to lifesaving medicines throughout the Asia-Pacific region and bind Americans to the same bad rules, belying the administration’s stated commitments to reduce health care costs and advance free expression online, Public Citizen said today.

WikiLeaks published the complete draft of the Intellectual Property chapter for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a proposed international commercial pact between the United States and 11 Asian and Latin American countries.

Read full press release here

Complete draft IP Chapter here

View Wikileaks page on TPP

View Wikileaks page on TPP (Spanish)

On November 19, 2013, Public Citizen joined EFF, KEI, Techdirt, and OpenMedia to answer questions on a Reddit AMA: After the WikiLeaks release: what is the TPP? Read comments here

Analyses of Wikileaks IP chapter

Public Citizen

 See PC's TPP and Access to Medicines Page

Derechos Digitales

  • El TPP es una renegociación del Tratado de Libre Comercio con Estados Unidos. Por Francisco Vera, director de proyectos de ONG Derechos Digitales.
  • El capítulo sobre Propiedad Intelectual del TPP: las polémicas persisten. Por Juan Carlos Lara, director de contenidos de ONG Derechos Digitales.
  • El TPP empeorará protección de la vida privada en Internet.  Por Alberto Cerda, director internacional de ONG Derechos Digitales.
  • El TPP encarecerá el acceso a la cultura y la salud. Por Alberto Cerda, director internacional de ONG Derechos Digitale

  • Interviews with Public Citizen on the Leak:

    Peter Maybarduk is interviewed by RT on TPP IP Leak

    Julian Assange on Wikileaks publication: "I think this release will pretty much kill it [TPP]"
    Segment on TPP begins at minute 25:00

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