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Vermont Towns with Amendment Resolution on Ballot/Warned

Town Name and Name of Point Person(s)

Albany, Passed 3.6.2012, voice vote

Barnet, Celina Wright - Passed 3.6.2012, voice vote

Bolton, Amy Ludwin - Passed 3.5.2012

Brandon, Sue Gage - Passed 3.5.2012

Brattleboro, Bob Rottenberg, Passed y 1401, nay 181

Bristol, Carol Clauss - Passed 3.5.2012, ~90% in favor

Burlington, Robin Lloyd, Passed 3.6.2012

Calais, Alice Blachy, Passed 3.6.2012

Charlotte (Rep. Mike Yantachka), passed 3.6.2012

Chester, Passed 3.6.2012

Chittenden, Passed 3.6.2012

Craftsbury, Anne Hanson, Passed 3.6.2012

East Montpelier, Dave Grundy, Passed 3.6.2012 unanimous 80 voters

Fayston, Passed 3.6.2012, unanimous

Fletcher, Todd Pritsky, Passed 3.6.2012

Granville, Mary Falcon, Passed 3.6.2012 - y 47, n 1

Greensboro, Peter Romans, Passed 3.6.2012

Hardwick, Lucian Avery, Passed 3.6.2012, unanimous ~150 people

Hartland - Passed 3.6.2012 - Unanimous

Hinesburg, Rachel Smolker, Passed 3.6.2012 voice vote

Huntington, Passed 3.6.2012

Jericho, Bill Butler - Passed 3.6.12 80% in favor

Lincoln, Passed 3.6.2012

Marlboro, Ede Thomas - Passed 3.6.2012 - overwhelming majority in favor

Marshfield, Sue Morris, Passed 3.6.2012

Mendon, Deemed not germane when brought.

Middletown Springs, Passed 3.6.2012 - y 230 - n 106 (38 blank)

Monkton, Roger Wallace - Passed 3.5.2012

Montgomery, Tim Murphy, Passed 3.6.2012

Montpelier, Linda Leehman, Passed 3.6.2012, 1967 Yes, 503 No

Moretown, Passed 3.6.2012

Mount Holly, Passed 3.6.2012

Newbury, Passed 3.6.2012, voice vote, overwhelmingly in favor

Newfane, Passed 3.6.2012

Norwich, Dinny Forbes, Passed 3.6.2012 - 772 y, 134 nays

Peru, Passed 3.5.2012 - ~38 y, 2 nays

Pittsfield, Failed

Plainfield, Amy Lester, Passed 3.6.2012

Putney, Jacquie & Steve Walker, Passed 3.6.2012 - 47 yes, 39 no - 55%

Randolph, Jeff Tolbert, Passed - 3.6.2012, one nay 

Richmond, John Hamerslough, Passed 3.6.2012

Ripton, Rick Klein - Passed unanimously

Roxbury, Passed 3.6.2012

Rochester, Jeff Gephart - Passed 3.5.2012

Rutland City, Kathleen Krevetski - Passed 3.6.2012

Rutland Town, Kathleen Krevetski - Passed 3.6.2012

Sharon, Ulrike von Moltke, Passed 3.6.2012

Shelburne, Tim - Passed 3.5.2012 - y- 61, n 18

Shrewsbury, Scott Garren - Passed 3.6.2012  - y 235, no 73, blank 73

South Burlington, Rick Hubbard, Passed 3.6.2012 - yes - 2062, no - 777

Starksboro, Passed 3.6.2012

Sudbury, Passed 3.6.2012

Thetford Center, Tim Briglin -  Passed 147 in favor, 3 opposed.

Tunbridge, Sylvie Desautels - Passed 3.6.2012 - unanimous

Underhill, Passed 3.6.2012, y 62 - n 28

Waitsfield, Passed 3.6.2012 unanimously

Walden, Zarina Suarez O'Hagin, Passed 3.6.2012

Waltham, Don Ross - Passed 3.6.2012 - 86% in favor

Warren, Passed 3.6.2012

West Haven, Passed 3.6.2012 yay 59, nay 11

Williamstown, Wally Roberts, Passed 3.6.2012

Williston, Allaire Diamond - Passed 3.5.2012

Windsor, Bess KlassenLandis - Passed 3.6.2012

Winooski, Robert Millar, Passed overwhelmingly 3.6.2012

Woodbury, Andi Rosin & Harriet Wood - Passed 3.5.2012

Woodstock, Bill Boardman - Passed 3.3.2012, by a vote of 51-21

Worcester, Dell Waterhouse, Passed 3.6.2012

Organizing for town meeting was made possible by town-based organizers and Vermonters Say Corporations Are Not People allies including: Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, an affiliate of Move to Amend; Vermont Peace & Justice Center; VPIRG; Ben and Jerry, Founders of Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc.; Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility; Move to Amend; Rural Vermont; Vermont Workers Center; Common Cause Vermont; Occupy Burlington; Vermont Action for Peace; Safe and Green Campaign. Many thanks to People for the American Way, United Republic and the Working Families Party for their assistance with outreach.

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