The 13th Round in the News

July 9, 2012-With ACTA Dead, TPP Shapes Up to Avoid the Same Fate (links to

July 9, 2012-TPP Protests San Diego: 300 March to Stop TPP (links to

July 6, 2012-TPP: A Trade Deal from Hell (links to

July 5, 2012-Counter Currents: The Trans-Pacific Partnership: An Extremist 1% Global Attack (links to

July 5, 2012-Inter Press Service: U.S. Push to Limit Copyright Law May Be Undercut by TPP Secrecy (links to

July 5, 2012- Aliran: Occupy, Internet Freedom Groups Join Protests Against TPP (links to

July 5, 2012-Free Speech Radio News: Critics Say Trans-Pacific Trade Deal Would Allow Corporations to Override Environmental Labor Laws (links to

July 3, 2012-US Chief Negotiator Calls 135 Members of Congress, Four Senators, Liars! (links to

July 3, 2012-Washington Post:Talks open in California on Pacific Rim trade pact; some claim discussions shrouded in secrecy (links to

July 3, 2012-InfoJustice: What's at Stake in the San Diego Round of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) (links to

July 2, 2012-San Diego Free Press: The Starting Line--Reps FIlner, Davis Call for Transparency in (TPP) Trade Negotiations; Big Tobacco in San Diego for the 'Free Trade' Confab (links to

July 2, 2012-A Dangerous Investment: Australia, New Zealand and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (links to

July 1, 2012-TPP: Direct from the San Diego Negotiations: Last Chance to Save Democracy (links to

June 29, 2012-Reuters: USTR Denies Congressman Issa Request to Observe Trade Talks (links to

June 29, 2012-The Insider List (links to

June 28, 2012-130 Congressional Democrats Want to Open Internet Regulation Talks (links to

June 28, 2012-Protests Planned For Trans-Pacific Trade Talks (links to San Diego Reader)

June 27, 2012-Congressional Democrats Escalate Criticism of Substance, Process of Obama's First Trade Pact

June 27, 2012-The Nation: NAFTA on Steroids (links

June 27, 2012-Lawmakers, Groups Urge Greater Transparency in Trans-Pacific Talks (links to National Journal)

Round 13: San Diego, CA, USA

July 2-10, 2012

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News from the IP Table in San Diego

Public Citizen's Global Access to Medicines Program delivers the Stop the Trap petition with over 90,000 signatures to USTR negotiator Barbara Weisel (7/7/12)

OpenMedia: Large Petition Against TPP's Internet Trap Hand-Delivered to Negotiations in San Diego (links to

Joint Statement from Civil Society Groups Regarding USTR's Proposal in the TPP

In San Diego, the USTR announced its proposal for copyright exceptions in the TPP. Read a joint statement from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Knowledge Ecology International, Public Citizen, and Public Knowledge about USTR's announcement.


July 2, 2012-Stakeholders' Forum with USTR at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront Hotel

July 6, 2012-Stakeholder Reception at Lou & Mickey's



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