News about Copyright Issues in the TPP in Peru

September 23, 2013-Otramerica: Sabes que es el TPP? Se negocia en secreto y amenaza la soberania

September 9, 2013-
America Economia: Peru: Idecopi participara en negciaciones del TPP en Mexico

September 4, 2013-
RPP: Congresistas piden transparencia en negociaciones del TPP

June 12, 2013- RPP: Silva: Perú no cambiará acuerdos de patentes con Estados Unidos (links to

May 30, 2013
- Consumers International: Organizaciones denuncian al TPP (links to

May 14, 2013-terra (Chile): ONG piden evitar alza de medicinas y defender internet en ronda TPP en Perú (links to

May 14, 2013- Hiperderecho: Propriedad Intelectual, Tratados de Libre Comercio y Derechos Humanos (links to

May 14, 2013- Global Voices: Peruanos al presidente: Nuestros derechos digitales no son negociables (links to

May 13, 2013
- Wired: Peruvians tell president that their digital rights are non-negotiable (links to

May 11, 2013
- Global Voices: El TPP marca la agenda del Campamento por la Libertad en Perú (links to

May 9, 2013- La Primera: Todos podemos perder con el TPP (links to

May 8, 2013- Blog de Juan Arellano Valdivia: Resultados del Campamento por la Libertad (links to

May 4, 2013- Escuelab: Campamento Por La Libertad: Acción Colaborativa de Comunicación Radical en Defensa de la Internet (links to

May 2, 2013- Red Pa Todos: ¿Cómo evitar que el TPP efect internet? (links to

April 29, 2013- EFF Press Release: TPP: Campamento Por La Libertad 2013 en Lima, Perú (links to

April 26, 2013- The InnoPlex ION: TPP Campamento Por La Libertad 2013 en Lima, Perú (links to

August 24, 2012-Info Justice: Opposition to Peruvian computer crimes legislation (links to

April 21, 2013- Hiperderecho: La Prueba de los Tres Pasos y el TPP (links to

April 20, 2013- Hiperderecho: Las copias temporales (links to

April 17, 2013- Hiperderecho: Extensiones del plazo de protección a los derechos de autor y el dominio público (links to

August 15, 2012-Access Now: Peruvians rally to change course of Computer Crimes Bill (links to

August 3, 2012-KEI: Leak of TPP text on copyright Limitations and Exceptions (links to

July 31, 2012-
Peru's Online Crime Bill Harms Innovation and Privacy (links to

July 30, 2012-Access Now: Civil society speaks out on dangerous new cybercrime bill in Peru (links to

July 27, 2012-Global Voices Advocacy: Peru: Concerns Over Computer Crime Bill (links to

Older news on Peruvian copyright issues



Find Additional Campaign Materials from Hiperderecho Here.

In light of Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations in Lima, May 15-26, 2013, internet activists from across Peru came together on May 4th and 5th to participate in what they dubbed "el Campamento por la Libertad". This series of lectures and workshops brought together a multitude of individuals, including activists, designers, Linux users, visual artists, lawyers and journalists, all working towards the common goal of protecting internet freedom. The Campamento was organized by ONG Hiperderecho, Escuelab, the Asociación Peruana de Software Libre and
the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The weekend included discussions of the various areas that would be affected by the TPP, including intellectual property provisions and freedom of expression on the internet.

In May 2013, Peruvian groups launched the webpage No Negociable! to inform Peruvians about a variety of potential implications of the TPP. The site was created by civil society organizations, including Red Peruana por una Globalización con Equidad (RedGE), Acción Internacional por la Salud (AIS), Red Peruana de Pacientes y Personas Usuarias (RPPU), la Red Uniendo Manos contra la Pobreza, ONG Hiperderecho, along with others. The website includes a petition for Peruvians to sign, urging President Ollanta Humala to reject the TPP's current intellectual property provisions. Support the campaign on Facebook and Twitter  @nonegociablepe  #ESONO


Peruvian activists warn: defend internet freedom!

Peruvians discuss the TPP at El Campamento por la Libertad


Sign the "Our Rights are Non-Negotiable" Petition HERE! (for Peruvians only)


Peru is also part of "TPP Abierto", an initiative bringing together various Latin American civil society groups from TPP countries who are seeking an agreement that will protect fundamental rights threatened by such agreements. Find out More

May 4-5, 2013: Electronic Frontier Foundation, Hiperderecho (Peru), Escuelab and the Peruvian Free Software Association launched "el Campamento por la Libertad" in Lima, Peru, a 28-hour hackathon on digital rights in the TPP.

For more information, visit our partner organizations in Peru



The TPP Will Also Affect Access to Medicines and Innovation in Peru: Find out more

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