News on Copyright Issues in the TPP in New Zealand

August 2, 2013-Tech Dirt: TPP Negotiations Deprive New Zealanders of Promised Copyright Consultation -- For Secret Reasons

July 22, 2013 -
The National Business Review: Lobby group demands to know why copyright law review delayed until TPP talks complete (links to

July 19, 2013 - The Dominion Post: Copyright Law Holdup Linked to US Pressure (links to

February 27, 2013
- Consumer: Trans-Pacific Partnership: The Positions (links to

January 30, 2012-New Zealand Herald: Copyright law claims first victim (links to

December 8, 2012-New Zealand Herald: Copyright Clampdown (links to

December 6, 2012-Auckland City Council Resolutions RDO/2012/265 and 266 on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

October 3, 2012-NZ City: Key's Hollywood trip 'all about TPP' (links to

September 10, 2012-Info Justice: Copyright Exceptions in the TPP (links to

August 30, 2012- Voxy: International coalition favours Kiwi position on copyright in TPP (links to

August 29, 2012- TPPWatch Action Bulletin #16: Creative Freedom Foundation Speaks Out Against TPP Copyright Provision (links to

August 29, 2012-Govt backtrack on software patents damaging (links to

August 16, 2012-Computerworld: NZ stands ground on Trans Pacific Partnership (links to

August 21, 2012
-The Register: Greens launch anti-TPP Internationale (links to

Older news on New Zealand copyright issues

New Zealand


An Overview of the TPP's Copyright Controversies

  • "The New Zealand government entered into TPP negotiations with a relatively more balanced approach to intellectual property protections. According to the country’s initial position paper, New Zealand supported a “TRIPS-aligned” structure for the TPP IP chapter that sought to improve the operation of existing standards in TPP countries..." Read more

Our Fair Deal Launched on May 20th, 2013: Watch it here

Making fun of TPP: National Cartoon Competition Launched

Letters and Statements

Joint Statement on Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand, Australian Greens, Green Party of Canada), August 19, 2012 (links to

Internet NZ position paper on the TPP, November, 2011


An Overview of ACTA's Copyright Controversies

  • "While New Zealand was one of the early proponents of ACTA, the negotiation process and content of the agreement incited strong concern among civil society and government officials..." Read more

For more information, visit our partner organization in New Zealand

The TPP Will Also Affect Access to Medicines and Innovation in New Zealand: Find out more here

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