News on Copyright Issues in Australia

October 10, 2013-Computer World: Greens continue to fight against Trans Pacific Parternship agreement

September 6, 2013- The Trans Pacific Partnership, why secret?

August 29, 2013-
ZDNet: Despite election, Australia continues TPP negotiations

August 7, 2013-
Michael Geist: U.S. Copyright Lobby Takes Aim at Canadian Copyright Term through Trans-Pacific Partnership

June 4, 2013-
Desmog Canada: How the Trans-Pacific Partnership Will Kill Internet Freedom in Canada

April 3, 2013
- The Sydney Morning Herald: Copyright clash over textbook rentals (links to

January 23, 2013-The Sydney Morning Herald: Legal anvil hovers over the unwary tech user (links to

December 16, 2012-
The NZ Herald: Susan Chalmers: TPP traps-we need to know the costs as well as the gains (links to

December 13, 2012-
Electronic Frontiers Australia: The Trade Disagreement: Opposition Grows to Controversial Treaty (links to

December 3, 2012: Electronic Frontiers Australia: Two big threats to Internet Freedom this week (links to

September 17, 2012-The Canberra Times: Our stance against this trade pact is a positive step forward (links to

September 4, 2012-Electronic Frontiers Australia: Civil Society Groups Oppose US and Australia's TPP Proposal on Exceptions and Limitations (links to

August 28, 2012-
Australian Digital Alliance: ACTA slammed by Australian Parliamentary Committee (links to

August 27, 2012-
TechDirt: Copyright Reform Process Begins Down Under…And They’re Actually Asking Good Questions (links to

August 27, 2012
-TechDirt: Australia's Progressive Stance on Copyright Reform (links to

August 21, 2012The Register: Greens launch anti-TPP Internationale (links to

More article on how the TPP affects copyrights in Australia here



An Overview of the Copyright Controversies in the TPP

  • "In 2004, an Australian Senate Committee on the Free Trade Agreement between Australia and the United States of America found that the changes required to the Australian IP regime as a result of the FTA could have a negative impact on the Australian economy..." Read more.

Letters, Statements and Analysis:

Letter from the Australian Fair Trade & Investment Network to the Australian Government over TPPA, August 28, 2012 (links to

Joint Statement on Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (Australian Greens, Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand, Green Party of Canada, August 19, 2012 (links to

Australian Digital Alliance, "How access to knowledge may be restricted under the TPP", March 2012 (links to

Kim Weatherall, "An Australian Analysis of the February 2011 Leaked US TPPA IP Chapter Text--copyright and enforcement
", University of Sydney Law School, July 2011.


Read an Overview of How ACTA Affects Copyrights

  • "In October 2011, Australia signed the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement despite widespread dissent. Throughout the process of negotiations, civil society groups and experts filed submissions to relevant government agencies including the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties highlighting concerns over the lack of transparency..." Read more.

Select Civil Society Submissions to the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties

Australian Digital Alliance and Australian Libraries Copyright Committee, "Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties regarding Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement," January 25, 2012.

Kim Weatherall, "ACTA – Australian Section-by-Section Analysis’, Working paper and Submission to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade," University of Sydney Law School, May 2010.

Kim Weatherall, "Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties Inquiry into the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement," University of Sydney Law School, January 2012.

Luigi Palombi, "Joint Standing Committee on Treaties-07/05/2012-Treaties tabled on 21 November 2011 and 28 February 2012," May 7, 2010.

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The TPP Will Also Affect Access to Medicines and Innovation in Australia
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