News on TPP and A2M in Peru

June 17, 2015-El Comercio: La salud pública bajo amenaza, por Judit Rius Sanjuan

June 10, 2015-Perú perderá soberanía en salud y se expondrá a juicios de farmacéuticas

November 18, 2013-Andina: Peru to take part in TPP's Intellectual Property section (links to

November 18, 2013-
Andina: Peruvian trade official to attend TPP meetings in Utah (links to

June 12, 2013
- RPP: Silva: Perú no cambiará acuerdos de patentes con Estados Unidos (links to

June 6, 2013-La Nacion: CAFTA con esteroides

May 30, 2013
- No Negociable: Sociedad Civil entrega firmas a Humala exigiendo no ceder en negociación del TPP (links to

May 30, 2013- Consumers International: Organizaciones denuncian al TPP (links to

May 22, 2013-
La Republica: TPP aumentaria precio de medicamentos y limitaria ingreso de genericos al pais (links to

May 22, 2013-
Zona Contable: Exigen a Humala no ceder en cuatro puntos del Acuerdo Trans-Pacifico (links to

May 22, 2013-
La mula: Se exigen a Humala no ceder en negociaciones del TPP (links to

May 22, 2013- Peruvian campaign against TPP: "Our rights are not negotiable" (links to

May 21, 2013-
El Universo: 'No Negociable' campaña peruana por la libertad en Internet exige atención de Humala (links to

May 20, 2013-
Huffington Post Voces: TPP: ¿Dónde están los senadores mexicanos en la ronda de Lima?

May 20, 2013-
Asociación Civil HUK VIDA: Plantón contra el TPP (links to

May 20, 2013-
Radio San Martin: Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil exigen al Presidente Humala que no ceda en cuatro temas riesgoso (links to

May 18, 2013
-NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation): Protest against the TPP in Lima, Peru (in Japanese)

May 18, 2013-La informacion: Organizaciones se manifiestan contra negociaciones de TPP en calles de Lima (links to

May 18, 2013-La Primera: Protestan contra Acuerdo Trans Pacifico en Lima (links to

May 18, 2013-La Primera: TPP plantea condiciones peores que Ley Sopa (links to

May 18, 2013-
CNN Expansión: Activistas rechazan en Lima el TPP (links to

May 18, Organizaciones se manifiestan contra las negociaciones de TPP en calles de Lima (links to

May 17, 2013-
La mula: Plantón contra el TPP (links to

May 17, 2013-Kaos en la Red: Peru: Organizaciones sociales exigen que acuerdo comercial TPP (Asociacion Trans Pacifico) no se negocie en secreto (links to

May 17, 2013-
The Argentina Independent: Peru: Controversial TPP Summit Held in Capital (links to

May 17, 2013-
La Primera: Acuerdo Transpacifico (TPP) es una amenaza para la salud (links to

May 17, 2013-terra: Peru: Activistas protestan por negociaciones TPP (links to

May 17, 2013-Iran Redaccion del Sur (IRIB World Service): Negociación de bloque TPP bajo controversia en Perú (links to

May 17, 2013-
La Conozca los riesgos de suscribir el nuevo tratado comercial con 11 paises (links to

May 17, 2013- A2K Network: Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)- ASPEC explains the position of Peruvian consumers (links to

May 17, 2013-
Gato encerrado: Acuerdo Transpacifico (TPP) es una amenaza para la salud (links to

May 17, 2013
- La Republica: Conozca los riesgos de suscribir el nuevo tratado comercial con 11 países (links to

May 17, 2013-Atevé: Peru: Activistas protestan por negociaciones TPP (links to

May 16, 2013- La Republica: La salud no es negociable (links to

May 16, 2013
- Caretas: Nuevo Tablero Mundial (links to

May 16, 2013- La Mula: ¿A dónde nos lleva el TPP? (links to

May 16, 2013-Economia Peruana: La salud publica y el TPP (links to

May 15, 2013- La Informacion: Organizaciones denuncian secretismo en negociación de TPP y alertan impactos (links to

May 15, 2013- Terra Perú: Dudan sobre tratado de países de Costa Pacífica (links to

May 15, 2013-El La XVII Ronda de Negociaciones en Lima (links to

May 15, 2013-La Advierten de altas pérdidas por falta de acceso a medicinas (links to

May 14, 2013- El Comercio: Perú perdería más de US$90 millones anuales en acceso a medicamentos (links to



By Rafael Matsunaga (Lima evening, HDR) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Public Citizen's Analyses

Fact Sheet: How TPP Endangers Access to Medicines in Peru,  April 2013
English  | Español

Comparative Analysis of the U.S. IP proposal to the Trans-Pacific FTA and Peruvian Law
English  | Español

Memo: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) threatens access to affordable cancer treatments and other biologics


Other Documents

Civil Society Petition to President Ollanta Humala Tasso urging him not to trade away their rights May, 2013

International Coalition of Treatment Activists: Letter to President Ollanta Humala Tasso regarding impact of TPP on the health of people with HIV in Peru (in Spanish) October, 2011

Civil Society Actions

In light of the 17th round of Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations that took place from May 15th to 24th, 2013 in Lima, Peru, a campaign was launched by Peruvian civil society groups, which was termed "No Negociable".  These groups, which include Red Peruana por una Globalización con Equidad (RedGE), launched the coalition in order to oppose the agreement's harmful intellectual property and investor-state dispute settlement provisions. Their actions have included a petition aimed at Peruvian President Ollanta Humala Tasso, which now counts over 3,000  signatures. These organizations also organized events in Lima during the negotiation round, including a public forum, which took place on May 16th, 2013 and a public rally the following day, on May 17th.         

Find events, news, presentations and more from the Lima Round of Trans-Pacific FTA negotiations (May 15-24) Here

Peru Launches "Our Rights are Non-Negotiable" Campaign

TAKE ACTION: Are you from Peru? Sign the Petition!
For every Peruvian who signs the declaration, a symbolic pill will be added
to bottles that will be sent to President Humala.


The 17th round of TPP negotiations was the second in Lima. A previous round took place there between October 22 and 29, 2011. Find out more here: Round 9 of the Trans-Pacific FTA negotiations in Lima, Peru

Partner Organizations in Peru

Red Peruana Por Una Globalización Con Equidad

Acción Internacional para la Salud-Peru

Programa de Soporte a la Autoayuda de Personas Seropositivas


Peru's Kaletra Action Page (leaves Trans-Pacific FTA area of site)

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