Take Action. Demand Transparency.


Tell the SEC: Require Corporations to Disclose Political Spending

Big Business is secretly funneling millions of dollars into our political system.
Take action to protect democracy!


Derail the Trans-Pacific Partnership

TPP negotiations continue with the public locked out and details held in tight secrecy.
Urge U.S. Trade representative Ron Kirk to release the draft texts.


Tell Congress to Pass the DISCLOSE Act

The American public should know who is funding elections.
Email your members of Congress and encourage them to support the DISCLOSE Act (H.R. 4010).

Transparency in Government and Campaign Finance Reform

From ensuring details of campaign donations and political spending are revealed, to shining a light on the ties between lobbyists and lawmakers, Public Citizen pushes to ensure we have as open and honest a government as possible.

Campaign Finance Reform

One of the most important ways to determine who is influencing lawmakers is to determine who is giving them money. A constant battle is being waged between people who want their contributions to politicians kept hidden and those who believe that voters have a right to know who is giving how much to whom. Public Citizen fights for transparency of political spending, particularly by corporations and the wealthy.

The SEC Needs to Demand Disclosure of Political Spending

  • Read Public Citizen’s concerns on just how hard new nominees for the SEC and the CFPB will push for demanding disclosure of political spending.

The People Want to Know

A blog post about the Senate's vote on the DISCLOSE Act and what it could mean for the future of election spending.

Government Reform

Congressional Ethics

Lobbying Disclosure & Reform

  • Detailed description of one of two statutes that regulates the disclosure of lobbying activity by foreign principals and foreign agents.

IRS Rules Relating to Nonprofit Political Activity

Public Citizen, reform groups and Rep. Van Hollen sued the IRS for proper regulations of 501(c)(4) organizations abusing their tax-exempt status to make secret political donations.

Legislation for Accountability and Transparency

  • Public Citizen applauds ‘Truth in Settlements Act,’ which calls for greater disclosure by Justice Department in major settlements.

National Security Agency Transparency

Coalition letter asks the NSA and the USTR to disclose whether any U.S. groups or individuals aiming to influence trade policy are under surveillance.

Regulation Transparency

Read Public Citizen’s demand for a transparent and efficient OIRA, the federal agency that scrutinizes new regulations.

White House for Sale

This useful online resource for following campaign bundlers by election year, candidate, bundler and state.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Public Citizen's U.S. Chamber Watch promotes transparency and accountability by shedding light on the the largest private interest lobbyist in America, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

  • Check out a Public Citizen study that finds the US Chamber of Commerce lacking nearly any transparency.

Influence-Peddling Laws

Several federal laws and regulations either restrict lobbyists’ activities or mandate disclosure of their activities. Some of the laws, such as the Lobbying Disclosure Act, are written specifically for lobbyists. Others, such as the House and Senate rules on contributions to legal defense funds, include provisions that affect lobbyists.

Learn more.

Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act Materials

Here you'll find extensive materials specific to this legislation, which prohibits members of Congress from trading on insider knowledge.

Finance, Wall Street and Consumer Protections

Forced Arbitration

More than ever, consumers are forced to surrender their rights every time they obtain a product or service, including credit cards, checking accounts, cell phone service and even jobs. Businesses often hide forced arbitration clauses in the fine print, leaving many consumers unaware to the risk they take by signing a contract.

Shareholder Protections

  • Read Public Citizen, consumer groups and shareholders call for Starbucks CEO Schultz to institute corporate policy against political spending.

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