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Spring 2013 Internship - Help Pass a Constitutional Amendment to Keep Corporate Money out of Politics!

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United v. FEC that corporations have a constitutional right to spend unlimited amounts of money to promote or defeat candidates for office. This influx of corporate dollars stands to dramatically damage our democracy by prioritizing the voices of nameless and faceless corporations over the voices of “We the People” - unless we act now.

More and more people are responding to this threat by joining together and calling on public officials to pass a Constitutional Amendment to overturn the Court’s decision. Public Citizen has played a lead role in this effort and is building the next phase of a dynamic campaign to galvanize public support for a Constitutional Amendment that would restore our democracy and make it clear democracy is for people, not corporations. We are looking for a few amazing interns to join us at least 15 hours a week to help us launch this campaign . Now is your chance to get involved!

You’ve heard that corporations have lobbyists. At Public Citizen, we’re the people’s lobbyists, representing the public in the halls of power on a variety of critical issues. We fight for public health and safety, champion corporate and government accountability, and campaign for fair trade, clean and safe energy, and consumer rights. Now, we are gearing up for one of our biggest campaigns yet.


This is not your ‘making copies and running for coffee’ internship. You’ll be working closely with our campaign organizers to build the campaign and help make it happen. Your work could include:

  • working with activists around the country, especially in key states, to get them involved in the campaign;
  • conducting social media and online outreach to build campaign visibility and assisting with press outreach and events;
  • conducting outreach to state and national organizations to gain their endorsement and support;
  • researching the effects and impacts of Citizens United v. FEC;
  • mobilizing students on college campuses to become active in the campaign; and
  • developing and implementing other creative campaign actions.
  • This is your chance to truly play an active role in making a deeply important change in our nation’s history. We’ll get our coffee and make our copies together.


Please send your cover letter and résumé to Public Citizen, Attn: Aquene Freechild, Senior Organizer to afreechild@citizen.org. Please be sure to include what makes you passionate about the internship and past experiences you would bring to the campaign. Applicants will be considered and accepted on a rolling basis, but applicants are encouraged to apply by the end of October 2012 if they wish to be most competitive.

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