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Staff Directory

President’s Office

Robert Weissman, President (bio)
Margrete Strand Rangnes, Executive Vice President (bio)
Aileen Walsh, Executive Assistant (bio)
Burcu Kilic, Legal Counsel, Access to Medicines Program
Steven Knievel, Organizer,  Access to Medicines Program
Peter Maybarduk, Director of Access to Medicines Program (@PCMedsAccess)
Aquene Freechild, Co-Director, Democracy Is For People Campaign (@RuleByUS)
Courtney Fuller, Program Associate, Democracy Is For People Campaign
Jonah Minkoff-Zern, Co-Director, Democracy Is For People Campaign (@RuleByUS)
Kristen Strader, Campaign Coordinator, Commercial Alert


Joe Stoshak, Chief Financial Officer (bio)
Deidra Bolden, Receptionist
Sherry Joseph, Director of Human Resources and Administration
Olalekan Mustapha, Senior Accountant
Casey O'Rourke, Building Manager
Suleyman Pehlivan, Web Developer
Kevin Rice, Property and Facilities Manager
Romaine Roy, Accounting Assistant


Angela Bradbery, Director (email, bio, @citizenangela)
Don Owens, Deputy Director (email)
Karilyn Gower, Press Officer (email, bio)
Rebecca Kahn, Online Advocacy and Development Associate (email)
David Rosen, Press Officer, Regulatory Affairs (email, bio, @RegsRock)
Glenn Simpson, Online Advocacy and Development Manager (email, bio)
Cynthia Williams, Editor and Production Manager (email)

Congress Watch

Lisa Gilbert, Director (bio, @Lisa_PubCitizen)
Susan Harley, Deputy Director (bio, @Susan_Citizen)
Cameron Berube, Democracy Associate
Rick Claypool, Online Director (bio, @CitizenRick)
Vijay Das, Health Care Policy Advocate
Dan Dudis, Director, U.S. Chamber Watch Program
Emily Gardner, Worker Health and Safety Advocate
Sonia Gill, Counsel for Civil Justice and Consumer Protection
Craig Holman, Government Affairs Lobbyist (bio, @cbholman)
Taylor Lincoln, Director of Research (bio)
Amit Narang, Regulatory Policy Advocate
Bartlett Naylor, Financial Policy Advocate
Emily Peterson-Cassin, Project Coordinator, Bright Lines Project
Keira Thompson, Online Advocacy Organizer


Liz Borg, Director (email)
Gail Beaman, Assistant Director (email)
Kristen Caruana, Major Gifts Assistant (email)
Amanda Fleming, Director of Civil Justice Project (email, @citizen_amanda)
Cathleen Gallagher, Foundation Officer (email)
Zeinab Jedi, Member Service Assistant (email)
Rebecca Kahn, Online Advocacy and Development Associate (email)
Jon Kellam, Development Officer (email)
Steve Schneider, Planned Giving Advisor (email)
Glenn Simpson, Online Advocacy and Development Manager (email)
Diane Turner, Direct Response Coordinator (email)
Bill Wilson, Member Services Manager (email)


Tyson Slocum, Director, Public Citizen's Energy Program (bio, @TysonSlocum)
David Arkush, Managing Director, Public Citizen's Climate Program (bio)
Allison Fisher, Outreach Director, Public Citizen's Energy Program (bio)

Global Trade Watch

Lori Wallach, Director (bio, @PCGTW)
Matthew Groch, Deputy Director
Jessa Boehner, International Program Associate (bio)
Nicholas Florko, Communications Officer (bio)
Melanie Foley, Program Associate and Intern Manager (bio)
Mina Itabashi, Field Organizer (bio)
Evan Ottenfeld, Program Associate (bio)
Diana Ramirez, National Campaign Director
Melinda St. Louis, International Campaigns Director (bio)
Chris Tebsherany, Legislative Assistant

Health Research Group

Michael Carome, M.D., Director (bio, @CitizenHRG)
Sidney M. Wolfe, M.D., Founder, Senior Adviser (bio )
Azza AbuDagga, Ph.D., Health Services Researcher (bio)
Sammy Almashat, M.D., M.P.H., Research Associate (bio)
Elizabeth Barbehenn, Ph.D., Health Researcher (bio)
Alan Levine, Volunteer Health Researcher (bio)
Jennifer Rubio, Managing Editor (bio)
Pauline Sobel, Researcher
Sarah Sorscher, J.D., M.P.H., Attorney (bio)
Deanna Wilbon, Web Coordinator


Allison Zieve, Director (bio)
Rachel Clattenburg, Attorney (bio)
Shelby Leighton, Litigation Fellow (bio)
Paul Alan Levy, Attorney (bio, @PaulAlanLevy)
Scott Michelman, Attorney (bio)
Julie Murray, Attorney (bio)
Scott Nelson, Attorney (bio)
Adina Rosenbaum, Attorney (bio)
Jennifer Hyde, Office Manager

Texas Office

Tom "Smitty" Smith, Director (bio)
Kia Bell, Clean Gulf Commerce Coalition Campaign Coordinator
Carol Geiger, Office and Support Manager
Kaiba White, Policy Analyst and Community Organizer

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