News on Trans-Pacific FTA in Australia

March 12, 2012-Knowledge Ecology International (KEI) Notes From the Eleventh Round of TPPA negotiations in Melbourne, Australia (links to

March 9, 2012-Inter Press Service News Agency: Trans-Pacific Trade Pact Reveals U.S.'s Unbridled Corporate Agenda

March 6, 2012-Deborah Gleeson of La Trobe University on Australian radio discussing the Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement (TPP) and investor-state dispute settlement, tobacco control & access to medicines (links to

March 6, 2012-Judit Rius of Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders on Australian radio discussing the Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement (TPP) and access to medicines (links to

March 5, 2012-Kelly Nichols of Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders op-ed in Canberra Times on the Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement (TPP) and access to medicines (links to

March 1, 2012-Rob Lake of the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations on Australian radio discussing TPP and access to medicines

February 28, 2012-Dr. Patricia Ranald of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network discussing access to medicines and TPP on Australian radio (links to

February 25, 2012-The Sydney Morning Herald: "Health groups gasp over tobacco show plans" (link to

February 21, 2012-
IP-Watch, Special Report: "TPP negotiations to heat up in Melbourne over patents, copyright, medicines" (link to

November 15, 2011-
The Sydney Morning Herald: Beware the limits of latest free trade deal (link to

November 14, 2011-
ABC News: "Pacific free trade deal divides commentators" (link to

November 14, 2011-
Crikey: "Beware of what lurks beneath free trade agreements" (link to

November 11, 2011-
AFTINET Press Release: "Pacific Trade Pact misses APEC deadline as community groups slam US proposals on medicines and corporate rights" (link to

October 26, 2011-
Crikey: "U.S. proposals give Big Pharma more power over patents, prices" (link to

October 25, 2011:
AFTINET & PHAA Joint PressRelease: "United States undermines access to medicines in Australia & Pacific" (link to

October 13, 2011-
AFTINET Media Release: "End trade secrecy in U.S. Trans-Pacific free trade negotiations say unions and community groups" (link to

September 15, 2011-
The Sydney Morning Herald: "Public Health at Risk in Trade Talks" (link to

September 12, 2011-
News Medical: Access to life-saving medicines threatened by U.S. trade pact (link to

September 1, 2011
-Crikey: "New Trade Agreement Threatens Australia's Laws on Medicines and Tobacco" (link to

September 1, 2011-AFTINET & PHAA Joint Press Release: "Trans-Pacific Free Trade Agreement increase corporate rights, reduce access to medicines,say public health and fair trade groups" (lilnk to

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