Kaletra Campaign News Archive

May 30, 2013- The Jakarta Globe: Future Hepatitis C Blockbusters May Spawn Compulsory Generics (links to thejakartaglobe.com)

March 18, 2013-
ACTION! Essential Inventions issues request for non-voluntary authorization to use patents under Article 14 of Greece patent law (links to essentialinventions.org)

March 17, 2013
-Financial Times: Athens urged to import generic drugs (links to ft.com)

December, 2012
Secondary Patenting: A Threat to Affordable Generic Patenting by I-MAK

November 2, 2012- Nature: NIH asked to grant open license on HIV drug (links to blogs.nature.com)

October 22, 2012-The Star (Malaysia): Measure to make drugs affordable (links to thestar.com.my)

October 12, 2012-
Reuters: Indonesia acts to over-ride patents on HIV drugs (links to uk.reuters.com)

Jakarta Globe

Chicago Tribune

October 11, 2012-
ACTION! The Guardian: Indonesia in bold move to obtain cheap drugs for HIV (links to guardian.co.uk)
Link to Indonesia action page

August 17, 2012-The Hindu Business Line: Cipla bats for automatic compulsory licensing (link to thehindubusinessline.com)

August 16, 2012
-Pharmalot: Abbott Paid CEO More Than Taxes To Uncle Sam (links to pharmalot.com)

July 24, 2012
-Rep. Henry Waxman: More work needs to be done on HIV (links to Politico) 

May 3, 2012: Pharmalot: Abbott, Kaletra Pricing And AIDS in Colombia (link to pharmalot.com)

March 14, 2012-GTPI supports judicial decision annulling patent HIV/AIDS medicine (link to www.patentes.org.br)

March 14, 2012-Update from Malaysia: Personal Statement on Abbott Laboratories' Kaletra

March 9, 2012-ACTION!: Folha.com: Decisão da Justiça anula patente de droga anti-Aids (link to www1.folha.uol.com.br)
Brazilian court annuls patent on HIV/AIDS medicine (Kaletra) (in Portuguese)

February 29, 2012-ACTION! Colombian 37th Administrative Circuit Court Judge's Sentence for "Acción Popular" (en español)(links to communicacionpositiva.org)
Part 1
   Part 2
Public Citizen: Colombian Court: Abbott Labs' AIDS Drug Pricing Abuse Violated Health Rights

January 10, 2012-ACTION!: Abbott Laboratories responds with letter to the St. Maarten AIDS Foundation

December 21, 2011- ACTION!: Abbott Laboratories' responds with letter to the Vietnam Network of People Living with HIV

December 20, 2011- ACTION!: Working Group on International Property (GTPI) on Brazilian Patent Office's decision to prioritize examination of the patent application related to heat-stable ritonavir and lopinavir/ritonavir (links to deolhonaspatentes.org.br)

December 1, 2011- AIDS Treatment Revolution: Expand Generic Competition (links to truthout.org)

December 1, 2011- Public Citizen World AIDS Day Statement: Expanding Global AIDS Treatment Through Generic Competition

November 22, 2011-ACTION!: See ITPC Indonesia's Letter to the Indonesian Ministry of Health Here (in Indonesian)

November 18, 2011- Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Doha Declaration

November 17, 2011-ACTION!: See the Letter to Abbott Laboratories from the Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) Here

November 17, 2011-ACTION!: See the Letter to Abbott Laboratories from Peruvian Civil Society Groups Here (in Spanish)

November 16, 2011- Global Action To Open Generic Competition For Key AIDS Drug (links to ip-watch.org)

November 10, 2011-MSF: Brazilians demand greater access to crucial HIV drug (links to msfaccess.org)

November 10, 2011-The Guardian: Unprecedented global campaign launches against pharma company (links to guardian.co.uk)

November 10, 2011-Pharmalot: Activists Challenge Abbott Over Its AIDS Drug (links to pharmalot.com)

November 10, 2011-ACTION!: St. Maarten AIDS Foundation sends letter to Abbott Laboratories requesting an open license

November 10, 2011-ACTION!:
Brazil files patent opposition for lopinavir+ritonavir (Kaletra) & ritonavir

November 10, 2011-
: Over 50 Vietnamese civil society organization signatories sent a license request to Abbott Laboratories, and VNP+ sent a license request to the Vietnamese Ministry of Health

November 10, 2011
: Chinese civil society organizations sent a letter requesting an open license from Abbott Laboratories

November 9, 2011-
Public Health Groups Launch Global Campaign Against Abbott Labs’ Monopoly on Critical AIDS Medicine

June, 2009-
Ashurst: German Supreme Court allows "compulsory licence defence" in patent infringement claim (links to ashurst.com)

March 18, 2008- Florida Sun-Sentinel: Compulsory licenses the right medicine for prescriptions in developing countries (links to essentialaction.org)

June 22, 2007- Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report: New Trade Agreement Language to Allow Developing Countries More Flexibility in Circumventing Drug Patents, Other Restrictions at Access to Medicines Project (links to essentialaction.org)

June 21, 2007-
Congress Daily: New Language Would Give Developing Countries Leeway On Pharmaceuticals (links to essentialaction.org)

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